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Ivan Tea with thyme is more likely a remedy than tea for pleasure, despite the pleasant taste.

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Ivan-Tea with thyme is more likely a remedy than tea for pleasure, despite the pleasant taste. Thyme has an expectorant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antihelminthic, analgesic and weak hypnotic effect. It is used for bronchitis, whooping cough, severe cough with irritation of the mucous membranes, bronchial catarrh and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as well as for insomnia (including in children).

Composition: Ivan-Tea fermented, narrow-leaved leaves of thyme, thyme.

100% ORGANIC: Tea is hand-picked in ecologically clean areas of the Russian North. Pure Authentic Herbal Tea, Wild gathered, NO caffeine, taurine, purine, oxalic acid, GMO Free, Gluten Free

RICH IN TANNINS and PACKED WITH VITAMIN C (containing more than is found in citruses) this tea will fight minor colds and sinuses, improve metabolism, and raise your spirits when you feel down!

SATURATED WITH WIND AND SOLAR ENERGY: Russian Ivan tea saturated thith the energy of the surrounding nature, fully retains all its beneficial properties

AS ORGANIC AS IT GETS Your Fireweed tea grows in faraway Siberian forests near the Cleanest Lake Baikal on Earth without any human intervention

HERBAL BODY DETOX CLEANSE TEA: Gentle detox Epilobium Parviflorum tea to help your body find restorative balance

Fireweed has one of the strongest anti-inflammatory effects of all herbs, reduce inflammation and oxidation to STAY YOUNGER and HEALTHIER!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: You will like our Fermented herbal tea, we in no way doubt it. This magnificent tea Rich in Antioxidants & Phytonutrients is used by people for many centuries

Guaranteed 100% CUSTOMER SERVICE free money back


Ivan-tea (willow herb) contains the wide range of various minerals and bioactive compounds, which have beneficial effect on human health.

• strengthens the immunity, has the high antiseptic power;
• strengthens blood vessels;
• has a positive effect on heart performance;
• has a healthy influence on the endocrine system;
• helps digestion;
• has a slight calming effect, reduces nervousness;
• contains the necessary minerals – iron, copper, manganese.

In contrast to Chinese tea the Russian tea does not contain caffeine – tea has a calming effect, it’s good to drink before sleeping, it’s not make an addiction like a regular tea.


5 main facts, why you should buy tea from us.
• We are a small family company. Tea is not just a commodity, it is a part of our culture and soul.
• In production, tea does not come into contact with metal surfaces. This is very important for its fermentation.
• We set the price ourselves. With us you can agree on the price of large and medium orders.
• We collect and produce tea in ecologically clean places.
• We work honestly and do not bring problems to our customers. The buyer is for at the most important.


Instructions for use:
Place 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea in a tea pot or tea strainer. Pour boiling water over the tea in the tea pot or place the strainer in a mug and pour boiling water over the strainer. Cover and allow the tea to steep for 15 minutes. Remove the strainer. Tea may be sweetened with sugar or honey.
You may brew Ivan chai twice off the same leaves, or leave and make a strong never bitter, concentrate.


Ivan chai is a russian traditional fermented herbal tea comprised of Epilobium Chamaenerion aka willowherb or fireweed in ecologically clean areas of the Russian North. In realm Siberia – from either Altai mountains or from the shores of Lake Baikal.
Siberia is a unique region of Russia, where wildlife has remained unchanged for centuries. In order to survive in such harsh climatic conditions, Siberian herbs and plants synthesize protective active substances and possess strong anti-oxidant properties.
Wild harvested and Organic, these herbs have grown independently – in the natural conditions of their growth, without being exposed to outside, which means that they do not have harmful substances in their composition.

Willowherb contains micronutrients—trace minerals that are good for the blood—such asiron, titanium, nickel, copper, manganese, lithium, molybdenum, as well as boron, potassium, calcium, sodium, and more. It contains bioflavonoids, glutinous substances, pectin and tannins and it is also rich in both vitamin C (containing more than is found in citruses) and vitamin B

The fresh green leaves are plucked and oxidized as a camellia would producing a a dark color.


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